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Welcome to - the member video site for the most beautiful European Girls (and their FEET!) you have ever seen! I've been shooting my foot fetish clips for years and I have a tremendous amount of them that I will keep adding every week. Previously, I was only distributing my clips through my clip stores - but now, you can become a member of my site which will benefit you tremendously if you are like me and have a serious Foot Fetish. I specialize in trampling with bare feet, shoes, boots, nylons, heels, you name it. These cruel women force our male victim to lick their feet and shoes, shrink him with their special powers so he is super tiny, and force him to worship their power while they walk on top of him. Join now and not only will you get my clips at reduced prices, you will be eligible for special prizes and contests and a greater ability to request certain kinds of content that you would like to see. This site is for my fans and I really hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if I can improve it for you!


The member site is not like others you may have joined before so please take a moment to read and understand how it works. You do NOT have to guess how many clips are available that will interest you - everything on the site here is available right now and you can see a sample of each clip before you decide to purchase. Where we are VERY different in clip price is that we only sell them to our members. When you become part of our fetish adventures for the low, low price of only $29.87 per month, this entitles you to download $60 (SIXTY!) worth of clips every month! It's like getting more than double your monies worth of clips compared to buying them one at a time! This credit stays with you as long as you remain a member so that you never lose a single dollar by staying with me. AND, just in case you want to spend your credits somewhere else - KEEP READING!

Your membership status also gives you the right to choose clips from any of the sites that I am affiliated with, which you can find on the network page. They include sites like - - and more! If you are a buyer of these kinds of clips, you would be CRAZY not to save yourself money and a whole lot of time because we make it so easy for you to get the new fetish videos you want. Our members simply wait for the update they like, push the download button and off they go!

Become a member today and become a part of my foot fetish journey! My girls and I will see you on the inside when you start downloading our videos! See you soon!