Beneath Feet

Cynthia - bad pick up at the club! (POV)

Price:   $11.00
Length:   12:18  
Description:   Cynthia is beautiful blond go-go dancer with gorgeous size 9 US (40 EU) feet. She is 5'8'' (172 cm) tall and weighs 126 lbs (57 kg). Cynthia met a guy at the night club. This loser tried to pick up her, but Cynthia shrunk him with reducing potions and put in a box. Now he is just a little bug at her huge shoes. Cynthia very likes humiliating this guy, she tells him that she likes to shrink dirty man who deserve to be stomped beneath her soles. Cynthia makes him to lick the soles of her shoes and her bare feet. She decided to crush tiny guy like a bug and she is going to do it slowly and painfully. Cynthia crushes him like a bug beneath her soft bare sole. (English subtitles. Sound SFX. A lots of talk. Full HD 1920x1080).

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