Beneath Feet

Valerie - babysitter and naughty boy (POV)

Price:   $11.00
Length:   12:34  
Description:   Valerie is 31 y.o. girl who has big size 10 US (41 EU) feet with long toes. She is 5'9'' (175 cm) tall and weighs 137 lbs (62 kg). Varelie is babysitter, who looks after the rude naughty boy. But one day he violates her prohibition and drinks the liquid that he found in her bag. Valerie found him on a floor and wants to crush him at first confused with an insect, but then she finds out what happened. She decided to teach him a lesson and makes to clean her shoes and to lick her bare feet as a punishment. Then Valerie wants to play with the boy in one game, she orders him to lie on his back and gently steps on him with a bare foot. But unfortunately she accidentally steps on him too hard and breaks the bones. Valerie must get rid of the poor tiny boy from suffering. She takes on her shoes and steps on him crushing inro the mess. (English subtitles. Sound SFX. A lots of talk. Full HD 1920x1080).

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