Beneath Feet

Sally - long tall Sally (POV)

Price:   $11.00
Length:   12:12  
Description:   Sally is tall athletic girl with big feet size 11 US (42 EU). She is 6'1'' (185 cm) and weighs 139 lbs (63 kg). Sally is tall slender girl who is constantly offended by one girl because of her height. Sally loses patience and reduces her abuser to the size of a small insect. She scares little girl with her giant feet but Sally does not want to crush her for real. She decided to humiliate her and makes to clean her dirty sneakers and lick sweaty bare soles. After than Sally wants to play with tiny girl. She gently steps on her with big bare foot and slowly teases and squashes her. But Sally accidentally steps on her harder and crushes her ribs. She can't fix this situation and she sees only one way out - to crush little girl like a bug. Sally raises up her bare foot and slowly lowers on tiny girl with countdown. (English subtitles. Sound SFX. A lots of talk. Full HD 1920x1080).

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